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Wars That Changed History: 50 of the World's Greatest Conflicts

Наука и познание >> Военная история

Разместил: Gerza

24-12-2015, 10:25

Просмотров: 160

Wars That Changed History: 50 of the World's Greatest Conflicts

Название: Wars That Changed History: 50 of the World's Greatest Conflicts
Автор(ы): Spencer Tucker
Издательство: ABC-CLIO
Год: 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1610697859
Страниц: 626
Язык: English
Формат: PDF True
Размер: 13 MB

A thorough study of significant wars throughout history and their influence on world affairs-from the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmore III's Campaigns during 479-459 BCE through the Iraq War of 2003-2011. * Features Illustrations, maps, and photographs to visually engage readers * Discusses the significance of major conflicts and their broad historical consequences * Offers the most recent interpretations as to the causes and effects of each war covered * Provides a list of books for additional reading to expand learning opportunities * Reveals the meaning of the term "tech-tac disjoint" and explains its relevance to to modern use of technology-enabled weaponry

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