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New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2013: Comprehensive

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18-05-2014, 16:48

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New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2013: Comprehensive
This edition of New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2013 goes beyond the computer basics and covers relevant technical and practical information that matter to students' daily lives. Every chapter of the book covers a specific subject in a methodical manner and offers practical steps helping to check the described material. Below are contents at a glance.

Getting Started
Documents, Browsers, and E-mail
Security and Privacy
eBook CD
CourseMate Web Site

Computers and Digital Basics
All Things Digital
Digital Devices
Digital Data Representation
Digital Processing
Password Security
Issue: What Is the Value of Information?
Information Tools: Finding the Right Stuff
Technology in Context: Marketing

Computer Hardware
Personal Computer Basics
Microprocessors and Memory
Storage Devices
Input and Output Devices
Hardware Security
Issue: Where Does All the Ewaste Go?
Information Tools: Making the Cut
Technology in Context: Military

Software Basics
Office Suites
Installing Software and Upgrades
Buying Software
Security Software
Issue: How Serious Is Software Piracy?
Information Tools: Organizing Your Writing
Technology in Context: Journalism

Operating Systems and File Management
Operating System Basics
Today's Operating Systems
File Basics
File Management
Backup Security
Issue: Cyberterrorists or Pranksters?
Information Tools: Fact Checking
Technology in Context: Law Enforcement

Local Area Networks
Network Building Blocks
Wired and Wireless Technologies
Network Setup
Sharing Files
Wireless Security
Issue: Who's Tracking You?
Information Tools: Wikipedia
Technology in Context: Education

The Internet
Internet Technology
Fixed Internet Access
Portable and Mobile Internet Access
Internet Services
Internet Security
Issue: What's a Revolution Without the Internet?
Information Tools: Citations
Technology in Context: Banking

The Web and E-mail
Web Technology
Search Engines
Web and E-mail Security
Issue: Who's Reading Your E-mail?
Information Tools: Your Own Words
Technology in Context: Fashion Industry

Digital Media
Digital Sound
Bitmap Graphics
Vector and 3-D Graphics
Digital Video
Digital Rights Management
Issue: What Happened to Fair Use?
Information Tools: Media Attribution
Technology in Context: Film

The Computer industry: History, Careers, and Ethics
Computer History
The Computer and IT Industries
Careers for Computer Professionals
Professional Ethics
Work Area Safety and Ergonomics
Issue: Can Computers Think?
Information Tools: Provenance
Technology in Context: Travel

information Systems Analysis and Design
Information Systems
Systems Analysis
System Design
Implementation and Maintenance
Corporate Data Security
Issue: What's Wrong with Online Voting?
Information Tools: Recognizing Viewpoint
Technology in Context: Architecture and Construction

File and Database Concepts
Data Management Tools
Database Design
Database Security
Issue: Can Computers Catch Terrorists?
Information Tools: Vetting Anonymous
Technology in Context: Medicine

Computer programming
Programming Basics
Procedural Programming
Object-oriented Programming
Declarative Programming
Secure Programming
Issue: Too Violent to Sell to Kids?
Information Tools: Photo Forensics
Technology in Context: Agriculture



Название: New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2013: Comprehensive
Авторы: Jamrich Parsons June, Oja Dan
Издательство: GEX Publishing Services
Год: 2013
ISBN: 1133190561
Количество страниц: 864
Формат: PDF
Язык: English
Размер: 190.7 Мб


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